The Land

A unique and extraordinary land

The volcanic Aeolian archipelago represents a beautiful natural scenery of tourist attraction due to its unique environmental and landscape features: the clean sea, the beautiful coves, the beaches, and the warm sunsets. Of all the Salina Islands is certainly one that more than the other has been able to preserve and enhance the production of Malvasia wine.
Here is what is termed “heroic viticulture”: the vineyard plant, difficult for soil morphology, is made of terraces with typical dry stone walls and consists of small plots with rows laid on rough terrains, of origin Volcanic, rich in organic and mineral substances, with backbones or counter-pallets where all operations are carried out by hand.

A special place

Irrigation in the vineyard is absent and this causes severe stress on the plant during the summer months. Grape harvest occurs in the first decade of September for whites and malvasia grapes to produce Malvasia dry, in the second decade for Malvasia grapes to become passiti wines, when Malvasia grapes reached high sugar gradients (26- 28°).

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